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So just how can a solid waste management consultant help my company?

March 8, 2010

In my previous blog I wrote about what exactly a solid waste management consultant is, and what we do. In this blog, I want to explore exactly how we’re able to help our clients reduce costs.

First, a couple of things we don’t do. We aren’t waste haulers. And we aren’t recyclers. We work with our clients’ existing hauling providers to streamline and maximize efficiency for this necessary expense.

The first thing we do when meeting with a client is listen. Listen to what the client hopes to acheive with his or her company’s waste and recycling system. Listen to what hurdles the client is currently experiencing in this area. Even listen to why he or she doesn’t think that my company can help reduce costs (yes, that’s happened! And yes, we succeeded in reducing costs anyway!).

The next step is to collect information. Specifically, we look at previous invoices from the current waste and recyclables hauler, as well as the existing service contract, and make sure the client is being serviced with the exact equipment and pickup schedule that the contract calls for. The waste hauling business is a very reputable industry. But mistakes can happen. We look for any past billing errors and correct them.

We also examine the waste stream to check for items that can be resold to other companies, or recycled, thereby reducing the volume of trash. We also check the volume of the waste and recycling containers just prior to pickup. If a client is being charged by the pickup instead of by the weight of the pickup, we want to ensure that the containers are around 95% full before they’re emptied, or else we feel that our client is paying for a lot of air to be hauled to the dumpsite.

We then take the collected information and formulate recommendations to improve waste-hauling efficiency, and submit those to the client for approval. When the client gives the OK we implement the approved ideas and follow up to make sure the recommendations have the desired results.

We then continue to monitor our client’s invoices for billing errors, and negotiate future contracts with the waste haulers. In fact, we’ve negotiated new contracts for clients when the existing contract still had months to go before renewal. We know how much waste haulers should be charging for certain services. And we work very hard to ensure all of our clients are paying no more than these amounts.

Notice how nowhere in this description has the word “money” come up. So how are we paid? There are no up-front fees. We simply share the savings that our work generates. If we can’t find any savings? No money is due to us. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Waste and recycling removal isn’t a core competency for most companies outside of the waste hauling industry. Waste Auditing Consultants is the expert companies call when they want to increase revenues by reducing the costs associated with waste and reyclable hauling. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have and show you how your company can join the always-growing list of satisfied customers. Contact us any time!

Trip Topken is the president of Waste Auditing Consultants, the premiere solid waste management consultants in the Greater Cincinnati area. An affiliate of Environmental Waste Solutions, WAC can help any company spending $400 to $375,000 per month on waste and recycling. Savings of 30 to 50 percent are normal, but not guaranteed. WAC, in collaberation with EWS, can simultaneously produce results at all locations across North America. No up-front fees are ever due, and WAC simply shares the savings its work generates. Learn more about Waste Auditing Consultants here. You can contact Trip at (513) 398-2117 or email